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Sergio Sofia

The web "carusu" (carusu means "guy" in sicialian language).
I never stick around quite long enough,
have been in Palermo, Turin, London, and now in Alba (North of Italy)!


Omar Tomaino

Photographer and videomaker.
In every work I make, my main goal is to tell the best story through images,
the one that involves and persists over time.


Roberto Roberto
Under the mask

In a bench on Corso Siccardi, with a pillow made of books covered by a jacket, we find Roberto, who has different eyes than those crossed up to now. «I love to read, it's the only thing I have left. I stay here, near this bookshop, where every now and then someone exchanges a book with me, and it is the greatest gift you can give me».

He had to leave his job years ago, due to psychiatric problems. He has long since recovered, yet no one wants to invest in him and his abilities, due to his past. He worked as a printer: his life, his passion, and his future. He dreamed of opening a shop, where he could experiment, and create a meeting point for the young people of his neighborhood. When he fell ill he lost his independence: first work, then the possibility of living alone. He returned to his parents, and at a later time he was placed in a rehabilitation facility.

«Now it is difficult, I am staying on the street because entering the social reintegration paths is not a walk in the park. The waiting list is long. I want to work, I want to go back to taking possession of my life!»


«Living on the street hasn't scared me in the past and won't start doing it now. I'm sure things will improve for me, and this experience will help me for the future. You learn a lot from the street, from what remains after the passage of people, as well as indifference. There are so many of us, and until I found myself in this situation too, I had never noticed it».

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*Each story is the result of the mixture of different stories that we heard during the investigation, in order to preserve the privacy of those who have decided to also offer wrinkles, eyes and smiles, which already have a lot to say.