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Sergio Sofia

The web "carusu" (carusu means "guy" in sicialian language).
I never stick around quite long enough,
have been in Palermo, Turin, London, and now in Alba (North of Italy)!


Omar Tomaino

Photographer and videomaker.
In every work I make, my main goal is to tell the best story through images,
the one that involves and persists over time.


Jonas Jonas
Under the mask

He says «I can't see well»: the many missing diopters have made him an invalid. He can no longer work. But the pension he received did not allow him to live in his land. No brother or sister, distant friends. So he decides to leave, in search of the only remaining relative. A cousin, in Italy for several years, with whom he had corresponded until 2009. He knew he had settled in Turin, but, after months, still no trace of him. So via Roma, then some pieces of cardboard as a bed to fall asleep on.

He tells us that cardboard is the best material, because «the humidity of the road does not reach the bones, otherwise I would have a thousand pains». He hardly explains himself in Italian. He prefers Spanish, learned from a youthful love far away. Beside him a dog, found as soon as he arrived in town. A companion in adventure, or misfortune. Since the meeting, however, they are both less alone. Really a strange couple, we think.

«When you are hit by several misfortunes all together, it is as if life knocks you out. I was a boxer when I was young, you know?»


Jonas is robust, a gruff appearance, with a thick and long mustache: he is reminiscent of a carny, a disgraced fire-eater. The dog is a little mongrel, it is always looking for contact, it looks healthy. «Life has knocked me out. I was a boxer when I was young, and I always won - his eyes get a little brighter - but then I got a blow to the head one day, and that's where my vision problems started.

I could not cure myself, the money I had earned was all gone: I had a bad habit... And the work only allowed me to pay the expenses to survive. So I got worse and worse and I also lost my last source of income. I hope to find my cousin».

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*Each story is the result of the mixture of different stories that we heard during the investigation, in order to preserve the privacy of those who have decided to also offer wrinkles, eyes and smiles, which already have a lot to say.